Orthopedic Surgeons

Our Specialist Orthopedic Surgeons provide medico-legal service for personal injuries and medical negligence cases.
  • Our medico-legal services are provided in accordance with high standards and strict principles of South African Law.
  • We take pride in offering comprehensive and unbiased reporting. Our opinions are limited to claims concerning the musculus-skeletal system and Orthopedic Surgery.
  • We work with both plaintiffs and defendants attorneys. Providing impairment ratings is a routine part of this process. All our experts are AMA trained.

Clinical Psychologists

We work with Clinical Psychologists that have expertise in providing medico-legal assessments and reporting of expert opinion for adults and children who may have suffered psychological trauma following personal injury. We specialize in the area of mental health including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders, depression and adjustment disorders. We provide objective, unbiased opinions on matters within our areas of expertise for both claimants and defendants as well as insurance companies. Psychological opinion can be provided in relation to causal effects, prognostic questions, treatment options and any need for further assessment.

Industrial Psychology

Our Industrial Psychologists work within the legal arena offering comprehensive forensic expertise with regards to Loss of Earnings, caused amongst other things by road accidents. We provide specialist opinions with regards to Loss of Earnings and Earnings Potential, Loss of Support and Enforced Career Changes impacting on life-experience and standard of living living in general.

We develop extensive reports detailing the impact of injury on potential earnings and career prospects of an individual.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists are well experienced in determining the functional level of an individual and the re-integration of that individual back into the workplace following injury or illness. we work hand-in-hand with the legal fraternity to assist in the compensation of injured persons be it at work of on the road.

We also work with injured persons to rehabilitate them so they regain independence as much as the injury allows.
We thrive on providing quality reports that will not leave you with the slightest of doubt on our findings.


Our Neurosurgeons are Experts in the field of surgery related to the brain and nervous system. We provide impartial reporting on expert findings and are available to testify in court should the need arise. We represent and testify to the practice behavior of prudent neurological surgeon giving different viewpoints based on extensive knowledge and experience


The focus of physiotherapy is to get injured individuals as mobile and physically functional as possible within the limitations of their injuries. Based on expert knowledge we are involved in the rehabilitation and assessment of the injured as well as providing expert advice on how to further assist the injured as they get back into community integration. We provide professional and holistic treatments that best suit client's conditions, focusing on individualized assessment, treatment and rehabilitation programs.

We deliver professional and timely services to satisfied clients since 2012